Held the second global crypto-block chain VIP party’

Japanese ICO companies and exchange associates including COINCOME and AIS participated

Reporter Kyeongtaek Lee 2018-10-23 10:59 English DN 52.00

‘The second global crypto-block chain VIP party’ by Babeldog (LucidCrypto.com sponsored) was held at Jinyoung Building (Seonjeonglleung station) on October 17th (Wednesday).

▲ 'Scene of the ‘second global crypto-block chain VIP party’

50 people including Japanese ICO companies and block chain industry associates including Sammy Ahn CEO(Babeldog Inc, LucidCrypto.com), Yoshihiro Kanemitsu CEO(Makers Farm), Chikashi Kondo Director(AIS), Edward T. Nakano Director(AIS), and Jun Takigawa Director(AIS) participated in this event.

As an event holder, Sammy Ahn CEO (Babeldog Inc. LucidCrypto.com) said, “We are the crypto-currency marketing company and also are making investment.”

He said, “We have met about 3,000 companies in the field of investment, reviewed them all, and invested on 3 companies. Since marketing companies wish to share how meaningful Korea is to those in all over the world, we have held the second event in Seoul. We held this event for seven times in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Busan. We have our last event in Korea on October 30th and will held one in New York afterwards. Next year, we are planning to have parties with many others and associates in block chain every month in Tokyo, Japan.”

▲Sammy Ahn CEO(Babeldog Inc, LucidCrypto.com).

As a speaker in this event, Yoshihiro Kanemitsu CEO (Makers Farm) said, “Coincome is the cash-back site to receive the first crypto-currency in the world. People can have compensation that is five times higher than other cash-back sites. CIM token from Coincome is available at anywhere in the world after charging the balance in the Paypal wallet or check/credit card. Other than them, you can use it to pay for Internet, charge transportation card, or send CIM to your friends. We are planning to provide many ways for it to be widely used in reality.”

He added, “If you charge check/credit card with CIM, you are able to use it to purchase items at retail store or pay for transportation. We are currently establishing convenient payment environment for visitors in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic. We are partnering and affiliating with about 300 organizations including Amazon, Apple, Dokomo, Microsoft, Rakuten, and etc. We will advance to global market including Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and China as our first target.” 

▲Yoshihiro Kanemitsu CEO(Makers Farm).

Jun Takigawan, the director at AIS, said, “To me, I have firstly dealt with crypto-currency back in 7 years ago with bit coin. 5 years ago, I participated in ICO with Ethereum. We are holding crypto-currency exchange in Mongol. In addition, we have sold token for about two months in July and August this year through family sales on investors in all over the world and successfully funding over 200% of targeted amount. The reason behind success is our fans who support crypto-currency. We put the highest priority on them. We wish for more people to support us in Korea.”

▲ Jun Takigawa Director(AIS).

Chikashi Kondo Director (AIS) said, “There is only one exchange in Mongol as of now, and crypto-currency has not been well recognized in Mongol yet. We have politicians or bankers who make the law in Mongol in our team.”

He added, “As for our advantages, first of all, it is about mining for crypto-currency. Average temperature in Mongol during the summer is 19 degree. So, climate conditions are very good. In addition, electricity fee in Mongol is about the half of the one in China. Secondly, it is the mining of natural resources. There are gold, copper, and charcoal and many other rare metals in Mongol. We will invest on mining for natural resources. Third, we are affiliating with NI bank in Mongol to create crypto-currency exchange and possess 10% of the share in NI Bank. In addition, if exchange is opened, we will apply our exchange system in the bank server. When opening our exchange, users are able to have NI bank account at the same time. This will make it convenient to make transactions with legal currency.”

▲Chikashi Kondo Director (AIS)


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