Time for a come back to a barbaric money such as Gold or Bitcoin.

골드(gold) 또는 비트코인(BTC)을 선택해야 하는 시기

Stephane 2020-03-31 13:14 Write My Article (회원) DN 10.00

When too much debt is too much ? Well, we all breathed better last week thanks to gazillions being announced, and starting to be injected, by Central Banks and Governments that will help survive through this crisis.

What nobody wants to look at is whether that is the right cure for our economic disease. We have been borrowing from our future for decades, paying today's spending with tomorrow revenues. We have bought economic growth with debt. No gvt has been brave enough to balance its budgets over the last decades.

Now this health crisis that we are all going through is the perfect scapegoat that all public authorities will be able to hide behind. Our leaders are just human, and they all act within their comfort zone with existing "medicine". But this "debt medicine" has made us very vulnerable. This Covid-19 might just be the pin that may finally break our addiction to debt.

It is time for a come back to a barbaric money such as Gold or to its newest digitalized version, Bitcoin.

It's time for a money that is issued and controlled by the users of this money, not elected leaders (politicians) that have failed time and time again or unelected leaders (Central Banks). In the end, it is the people that guarantees the value of money through the payment of taxes.

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