Daily Coin News-Concluded Partnership with Memorandum Capital

On the 12th, "Let’s focus on good projects and investors in Korea and Europe!"

Reporter Kyeongtaek Lee 2018-09-14 16:48 English DN 52.00
▲Issuer from Daily Coin News, Yungeun Lee (left) and Sergey Bostricof are taking a photo for commemoration to promise the collaboration between two companies. .

Professional online media of global block chain, Media Daily Coin News (issuer, Yungeun Lee), has concluded the partnership with Memorandum Capital (manager partner) on September 12th.

CEOs of both companies have agreed to share information and news related to block chain and crypto-currency by meeting at the Daily Coin News office (Gangnam Station in Seoul) and also to create healthy block chain ecosystem buy protecting good global projects and investors.

Memorandum Capital concluding the partnership with Daily Coin News is a company identifying the scam from document analysis, business model analysis, asset analysis, and team meeting by finding good projects. Their main office is located at Warszawa (Poland)  and is planned to have branch in Seoul (Korea) followed by Moscow (Russia), Sidney (Australia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Issuer in Daily Coin News, Yungeun Lee, said, “ I am expecting to have good projects and investors in Europe through Memorandum Capital.” He added, “I am also expecting to serve as a role of bridge in the market in block chain and crypto-currency market in Korea and Europe.”

Sergey Bostricof fromm Memorandum Capital Managing Partner who arrived in Korea on the 12th to attend ‘Block Chain Seoul 2018’ scheduled at COEX in Seoul from September 17th to 19th after visiting Macao and Hong Kong to form the global community said, “We are focusing on Korea after visiting all the places in the world to form global community. Especially, we wish to find good projects with partnership with Daily Coin News and create global investors and networking.”

Sergey said, “I was surprised to see how active it has been for events to occur in regard of block chain in Korea.” He added, “I will share new information and news related to block chain and good projects in Europe.”



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