2019 Will Be Year of Socio-technological Crypto Business!

10th Anniversary of Bit Coin Genesis Block Creation in January 03, Need for New Coin Business Field

Professor Hangjun Park of Sehan University 2019-01-10 10:06 English DN 52.00

January 03, 2019 was the 10th anniversary of Bit Coin Genesis Block creation. However, such amazing technical attempt was trapped in the frame of ‘Decentralization’ in the beginning now it is trapped in the frame of ‘Use in Actual Life’.

The actual reality of the frame is as follows. Verification agreement was delayed in Bit Coin due to decentralization and such delay caused slow distribution of cryptocurrency due to uncomfortable use in actual life. As a result, it suggested the grounds for why recent projects seeking main net focus on competition of speed.

However, in the society equipped with national administrative net, currency and financial system, and security system, the attempt for decentralization was not urgent. Furthermore, the necessity of cryptocurrency was not high enough to replace system generalizing currency, card, and mobile payment. Attempt for decentralization led to sharp decrease in coin price.

Value of Bit Coin is marvelous and it deserves the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. However, people blindly following philosophy of Bit Coin are ruining the market without any progress. Now, corrupted financiers and people involved multi-level sales business remain in Bit Coin field. People are leaving behind this marvelous technology. 

2019 is the 10th anniversary of coin. Now, it’s the time to come up with new plan for coin business. We need to get out of the frame, create own philosophy, and challenge. Making payment faster than Visa Card is not important. Payment is already enough with Ethereum and EOS.

Now, we need a project which can solve the gray area that public sphere and private sphere haven’t solved yet. While the coin has been focusing on solving the information engineering element, now is the time to solve the socio-technological element.  

We don’t need a project for use in actual life for replacing saving point and paying snacks with cryptocurrency. Instead, we need to find the sector to apply cryptocurrency for implementing sustainable society. All markets, investors, societies, and presses are waiting for the birth of such socio-technological projects.

2009 was the year of cryptocurrency business for information engineering. I hope 2019 will be the year of cryptocurrency business for social technology.

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