‘Major Cryptocurrency Exchange Office & Global Company’ Security Check through Hacking!

‘First International Blockchain Cyber Security Assessment and Hacking Prevention Competition (IBCSHD)’ Currently Selecting Companies to Hack

IBCSHD Operation Committee, Sends Official Letter to Top 10 Companies Worldwide

Reporter Hongrae Kim, Kyeongtaek Lee 2019-01-09 18:20 English DN 52.00

THE IBCSHD operation committee (Chairman Lee Yun Keun) officially proposed a hacking attempt against major cryptocurrency exchanges, media and companies around the world. 

The IBCSHD committee is selecting companies to hack for the 1st International Blockchain Cyber ​​Security Assessment and Hacking Prevention Contest. On January 3rd, it announced that it has officially sent an official letter to TOP 10 companies, major password hunting exchanges and global media companies around the world 

The committee stated, “the main purpose of this contest is to let others aware that the role of blockchain in the 5G world is vast and if people commit crime using blockchain, we need to keep track of such crimes to make our society safe. This is work of building trust, rather than creating a new environment.”

The committee further commented that the participating companies’ security system as well as the other companies will become even more secure by asking the top global companies to participate in the hacking contest.

The companies that received such invitation includes SK (South Korea), BBC World News (UK), CNN (USA), Facebook (US), CNPC (China), Toyota (Japan), Samsung SDS Global companies and some major exchange offices such as Bithumb, Upbeat, Coinbits, Huobi, Polonics, and others. 

IBCSHD committee stated, “only the courageous corporations will respond to requests to be hacked. By showing their security system to the hackers, they can gain a lot of trusts from the users all around the world, regardless of hacking. 

The 1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Assessment and Hacking Prevention Competition (www.ibcshd.com) will be held in Korea (Gwacheon Government Office) on February 11th to 15th. 

Hacking targets are about 20 different organizations including major exchange offices in US, Japan, China, Europe, and Korea as well as other global companies. Hackers will also demonstrate on-site hacking of 2-3 cryptocurrencies. The event will be broadcasted in real-time around the world with live broadcasts, SNS, Youtube, and more and interpretation services will be available in multiple languages. 

This event is co-hosted by the Cyber Forensic Professional Association, the White Hacker Group and the Daily Coin News (www.dailycoinews.com), World Federation of Trade(WDF), Japan, USA, UK, Germany, France, China, and Russia. 

If you are interested in participating in this event, please don’t hesitate to contact info@ibcshd.com or Telegram:@snowcoffee


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