Presentation on ‘Coin Creation and Guideline for Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacking Defend

BCS Representative Taehyun Ki, Finding Ways for Protecting New Industry Field through ‘1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defend Contest’

“High Significance of Blockchain in New Paradigm of 5G World”

Reporter Hongrae Kim 2018-12-21 13:54 English DN 52.00
▲BCS representative Taehyun Ki presented a strong will of creating a security guideline for blockchain & cryptocurrency in ‘1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defend Contest’.

“This contest will be the festival for suggesting the guideline for creating blockchain & cryptocurrency and for preventing hacking in exchanges.

In the last interview in December 18, representative Taehyun Ki if Blockchain Security (BCS) said as above for ‘1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest( Hereinafter referred to as Blockchain Hacking Defense Contest)’ which will be held from February 11, 2019 to February 15, 2019 in Korea.

Representative Ki is currently a member of Korean Hackers ReUnion (HARU) and he is an expert in security consulting for domestic infrastructure and private companies. In the Blockchain Hacking Defense Contest, he will be in the head manager of White Hacker section. 

When he was asked about the reason for his active participation, he explained that blockchain & cryptocurrency is a new field which lacks guideline for hacking defense. He also said that hackers basically have nature of focusing on new things and that blockchain & cryptocurrency field is attractive in such sense.

Regarding blockchain & cryptocurrency field, he said “There are many start-up companies and large companies are newly starting on the field. So, there are only plans or designs for blockchain and cryptocurrency” and that “Hackers are interested in the field since blockchain & cryptocurrency environment will be expanding in the future and new elements will be continuously rising”.  

He also added that the new field always need guideline and that research on hacking operation guide is necessary.

“In United States, DEFCON CTF 27 (Hacking Defense Contest) will be held in 2019 and South Korea also has been holding international contests for 11 years. 

The international contests held in Korea are ‘CODEGATE’ and ‘SECUINSIDE’ and they are hosted by corporate body, Hackers ReUnion (HARU, hereinafter referred to as HARU), under Ministry of Science and ICT. HARU is in charge of making questions, operating contest, and supporting international conference. 15-member companies participate to develop and research on cyber-related security solution and participate on international contests for good results. Representative Kim said that South Korea is the only country to have an association of White Hackers.

HARU is involved in various fields. HARU holds mock hacking once a year (August) at public office and checks on whether mock hacking result has been properly reflected (November). HARU also submits hacking report for financial fields including bank and it is in charge of security consulting for national infrastructures such as communication, logistics, distribution, and oil or private companies such as defense industry. HARU also takes in charge of new technical issues and checks on the security risk. HARU participates in security of 5G network which will be actively operated from 2020. HARU served as the operating personnel for preventing cyber terror in PyeongChang Olympics and will be also active as operating personnel in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In addition, HARU participates on hacking defense for enemy by collaborating with Agency for Defense Development. HARU is actively participating in all industrial fields and researching on security methods since new industry field requires tests. Meanwhile, HARU will be participating in international blockchain event for the first time.

“5G opened up the world of new paradigm and blockchain will play an important role. There are start-up companies comping up with new technologies and they will be needing security inspection”

Representative Ki said that he aims to create two sample coins suitable for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation and will be demonstrating the possible security issues in Blockchain Hacking Defense Contest. In such process, he plans to create coin and suggest security guideline on preventing hacking for cryptocurrency exchange.

He explained that Blockchain Hacking Defense Contest is significant in many ways since there will be various guidelines and accumulative data. He also emphasized that blockchain still lacks ability to handle blockchain-related crimes and that the victim could be created from the exchange hacking incident. He suggested on tracking the criminal and making a safer society.

Representative Ki pointed out that “Individuals has been responsible for anonymity-related incidents until now. In such situation, it is hard to make a reliable contract”. In the contest, representative Ki plans to make requirements for using tracking and value evaluation as the forensic data. He also expressed his strong will saying “I would like to make a guideline which reviews on technical and legal parts”.

In ‘1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest (, Internation Blockchain Evaluation Forum (IBEF), BCS, World Distribution Federation, and international institutes of Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, and Russia will be participating. Also, the hacking contest spot will be broadcasted in real-time through broadcasting, SNS, and YouTube and multi-language interpretation service will be available, too.

The location and sponsors of the contest may change based on the situation and the changed items will be announced through further reports.

Individual or groups of White Hacking (Experts in information security) wishing to participate in the contest ( or companies wishing to support the event may contact or Telegram: @snowcoffee.

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