‘1st Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest’ in Korea

February 11-15, 2019, Government Complex Gwacheon, Targets for major exchanges and large enterprises worldwide

co-hosted by the Cyber Forensic Professional Association, White Hacker Group and Daily Coin News

Reporter Hongrae Kim, Kyeongtaek Lee 2018-12-17 18:33 English DN 52.00

the ‘1st Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest’(ibcshd.com) which is an international online system and blockchain system, will be held in South Korea (Government Complex Gwacheon) from February 11 to 15th, 2019.

The contest will be co-hosted by the Cyber Forensic Professional Association, White Hacker Group and Daily Coin News

The targets of hacking are about 20 organizations including the U.S., Japan, China, Europe, Korea's major exchanges and international companies.

On-site hacking demonstration of two to three types of cryptocurrency that were produced by a group of hackers will also be conducted.

The participating competitors are individuals and groups(Information Security Specialist) of White Hacker and will decide who will participate in the finals after a small screening.

The competition will be divided into the Major Hacking Sector(Worldwide Professional White Hackers), Junior hacking field(Junior participants individual and group exhibition), College Student Hacking Competition(Participants of individual college students and teams).

Along with the Hacking Defense Contest the academy on blockchain will also be held.

The two-day training program is about

*Security importance and countermeasures against block chaining and cryptographic exchange hacking

* Security issues and trends of global companies related to blockchain and cryptography

* Artificial intelligence and Internet and security relationship

* The relationship between smart city and blockchain

* Do you need a reverse ICO

* The effectiveness of the blockchain in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

* The importance of security in the 4th industry

* Where is hacking possible?

* The Role of White Hackers

* What is forensics

- Difference between digital forensics and cyber forensics

* The role of cyber forensics in the 4th industry

YunKeun Lee Chairman of the Contest operation said: “In order to confirm the security and safety of the international exchanges, which are the leaders of the blockchain and cryptography industry, and to ascertain the security level of companies in the global AI and IoT development, I want to host a hacking contest.”

This contest will be broadcasted live through broadcasting, SNS, YouTube, live broadcasting and text messaging services, and it will also be possible to translate in multiple languages.

Meanwhile, the contest will be attended by the International Blockchain Evaluation Forum (IBEF), BCS, the World Distribution Federation (WDF), International organization of Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China and Russia.

The venue and sponsor of the event are subject to change according to the circumstances and the changes will be announced in a follow-up article.

For questions about individuals and White Hacker organizations(Information Security Specialist) around the world who want to participate in the event(ibcshd.com), and companies that want to sponsor the event, please contact info@ibcshd.com or Telegram: @snowcoffee


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