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But how did they manage to get access to his account then? Read the full story!

Solana NFTs Hit $5 Billion!


Solana-based NFTs hit $5+ billion in all-time sales this week.

It's been an astounding run since the Summer of 2022 when monthly volume flatlined under $50 million. Now boasting over 2 million owners and 40+ million transactions, Solana emerges as one of the top destinations for NFT collectors.

But why NFTs on Solana are having a better time than Ethereum’s? Read the full story!

Trump Is Officially Pro-Crypto Now?


Former President Donald Trump took a turn this week signaling his openness to cryptocurrencies - a stark reversal from his past statement.

When asked in an interview about countering China's digital currency growth, Trump admitted Bitcoin's soaring popularity warranted a measured embrace rather than reflexive opposition.

Just two years ago, Trump sought aggressive Bitcoin crackdowns. But his fresh remarks acknowledge reality catching up to initial instincts resisting decentralized money's momentum.

But why is he changing his views all of a sudden? Is it because of the upcoming elections? Read the full story!

StarkWare Changes Token Plan After Backlash


StarkWare amended plans around releasing new tokens following intense criticism over fairness.

Initially, it aimed to free a massive portion of tokens at once allowing quick sales. But worried community members argued this let early receiving investors cash out fast, harming everyday users.

In response, StarkWare updated the schedule to gradually distribute tokens over 3 years instead of all at once. This aims to prevent sudden impacts on markets when launched.

The update came directly from user complaints that original plans created poor conditions for newer members by giving advantages to the earliest backers.

Are the community members favoring the amended plans? Read the full story!


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