Big Catastrophes of the Earth In the 5th Industrial Revolution Era

Countermeasures against the Earth Ice Age

Earthquake in the Age of the 5th Industrial Revolution

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Announced on Bio Science on November 5, 2019, was a dire warning on a climate emergency by 11,258 scientists from 153 nations. In the journal published by Oxford University Press, it was profoundly declared that "planet Earth is facing a climate emergency." Clear indicators were presented, notwithstanding measures contrived by nations such as the 1992 Rio Summit and the 2015 Paris Agreement.

According to the statement, abnormal climate-caused disasters have soared, tripling from 190cases in 1979 to 780 in 2019. In addition to rising sea level (31.4mm/10 years) and ocean's surface acidity (4.12% acidification/10 years), complex causes have generated chain reaction. What was on the public's mind was the temperature of the Earth's surface, which indeed has increased 0.183℃ for the past 10 years. Yet, the scientists warned that the disproportionate focus on the global surface temperature. The dire warning was not simply to startle; rather, it was an outcry on further losing an opportunity to contain and control a highly probable disaster.

We are under threat : the threat of global warming, extreme weather, and changes in ecosystems. The seriousness of the threat, however, ebbs in the face of illusive convenience that modern people are accustomed to. Alarmed scientists devising countermeasures are almost invisible to the public, who are oblivious of prediction and methods of scientific response to various global emergencies such as the COVID-19 epidemic. Surely, there have been public suggestions regarding environmental issues: limiting the Earth's surface temperature to an increase of 1.5℃ compared to the pre-industrialization period; keeping the CO2 concentration level measurement at 410ppm; CDM business involving greenhouse gas emission allowance and trading; withdrawal of fossil fuel; and renewable energy development. Yet, eyes are turned away from other complex causes contributing to the Earth's temperature increase.

The public perception exemplifies the current status of amazing science, such as quantum field theory and law of relativity. However, In the face of the global turmoil, severe global warming and catastrophic pandemic infection, no use could be derived from flying taxi, artificial intelligence AlphaGo & Watson, genetic engineering for the human life expectancy of 500years—all wasted imaginations. Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible disremembered God'sgift—an admonition is blaring to mankind, submerged in hedonism and comfort.

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And the longing for pleasure blinds mankind from seeing the quantum energy fields as the origin of the universe and the grand transition of the micro virus ecosystems, napping in the face of the catastrophe of energy fields on the earth.

The origin of the universe and the whole creation exists beyond u and d quark of quantum mechanics. Hyper-connection between marvelous energy fields and consciousness of double slit experiment constitutes the every matter in the Universe. The lens to global warming shall expand to include the micro virus ecosystem according to the changes in energy fields beyond temperature increase and abnormal weather. The frenzy of COVID-19 shall not call for the myopic solution, vaccine. Devising quantum biology-based and fundamental actions shall start today, at this moment.

Then, understanding the Genesis—the origin of the whole creation in the universe—shall be the first step against unexpected catastrophes on the earth and in the universe. The earth is one of the zillion planets. Inside the space with accelerating expansion at Hubble constant74㎞/s/Mpc, the motor energy of earth directly correlates to global warming. This small motor globe rolling and rotating at 1700Km/h also revolves around the sun at 108000Km/h, about 1/3 of the velocity of light. And, the theory of relativity's E = mc² portrays that the numerous underground nuclear testings by nuclear powers disturb the mass of earth, energy, ecosystem, and virus infectious diseases.

Einstein field equations of 110 years ago explained the relationship of temperature increase =energy change = mass = space = time. Then, a black hole where energy reaches singularity was predicted. On April 2019, the LIGO Team of the U.S. unveiled the Virgo Cluster M87 black hole with the mass of 6.5 billion solar masses, after verifying and deriving the world's first gravitational wave 1.3 billion light-years away with Einstein field equations on September 14,2015.

The admonition and tour de force of scientists shall be rewarded. This book is a part of the effort to countermeasure the dreary ecosystem extinction involving the glacial age, global pandemic infection, and grand earthquake beyond the current simple focus on global warming. The suggestion made here is to establish the Industry 5.0 Save the Earth Platform for the next generation. And this book solemnly seeks your participation and collaboration. The Industry5.0 Save the Earth Platform is a global-scale collective intelligent platform capable of automatic response and disaster prediction via artificial intelligence based on the fifth industrial revolution technology and quantum computing. The theories at its core are the cutting-edgy space astronomy, the theory of relativity, and the quantum mechanics and quantum field theory magical as shown by the Higgs Boson, dubbed "God's particle.“


                                          [ Table of Contents ]

1. Background of Disaster in the Fifth Industrial Evolution Era

1.1 Natural background

1.2 Scientific background

1.3 Social background

2. Introduction to the 5th Industrial Revolution & the Concept of Cosmic Disaster

3. Cases of the 5th Industrial Revolution and Triple Smart City Life

3.1 Background and Technology of the 5th Industrial Revolution

3.2 Smart City in the 5th Industrial Revolution : Organic Triple(CPS) City

1) Current Status of Smart City Projects

2) The Concept of Organic Triple City (OTC) in the 5th Industrial revolution

3) Master Plan of Smart City OTC in the 5th Industrial Revolution


4. Classification of Cosmic Disaster and Safety in the 5th Industrial Revolution Era

4.1 Grand Extinction of Ecosystems, Mini Ice-Age, and Super-Cosmological Disaster

4.2 New Types of Disasters in the 5th Industrial Revolution


5. Promise of Cutting-Edge Science of the 21st Century

Unveiled by Pohang Earthquakes

6. 21st Centrury Cutting-Edge Science in the 5th Industrial Revolution Space Era

7. Inner Earth energy = Mass, kinetic energy change > Earthquake, global warming

8. The internal structure of the earth for mass = Earth energy

9. Big Catastrophe due to Change of axis & cycle in earth Kinetic field, Nuclear Radiation & Black spot in Solar system, interplanetary space expansion

10. Internationally renowned reports on the arrival of the global ice age

11. Special Report on Earth Ice Age Response Strategy

by the Industry 5.0 Lab in Hanyang University

12. Industry 5.0 EQ Save the Earth Platform on Super Universal Disaster

13. The Age of New Civilization, Travel, Colonial, Smart City

in the Space, Moon, Mars

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