Interview/ Chikashi Kondo Mongol Cryptocurrency Exchange (AIS)Director

“Mongol is in the perfect environment for mining of crypto-currency"

Concluded one of the top 5 financial organizations in Mongol, NI Bank, for MOU, and scheduled to list the token from exchange on December

Reporter Kyeongtaek Lee 2018-09-20 15:10 English DN 52.00
▲Chikashi Kondo Director(AIS).

Chikashi Kondo AIS (Alternative Investment and Security Coin) director has worked in the marketing team at a large company in Japan for more than 10 years. He is scheduled to open the exchange in Mongol early next year by materializing the business for crypto-currency business. Last July, he concluded MOU with NI Bank in Mongol and established Ni-EX this September in Mongol to start pre-sale on October. We have met Chikashi, Edward R. Nakano Director (AIS), and Ryosuke Hagiwara Director (AIS) who attended ‘global crypto-block chain VIP party’ held by BBR on September 13 to hear more details.


Please introduce AIS in details.

AIS project is to establish crypto-currency exchange in Mongol next February. We have concluded MOU with one of the top financial institutions in Mongol, Ni Bank. In addition, we are planning to list token issued from the Exchange. We have done private sales and are preparing for pre-sales with about 5 hundred million Yen.

Advantages of AIS exchange project are that server in the bank of Mongol is used. Therefore, security is related to the bank that security is fairly safe.


Please walk us through how you all advanced to Mongol.

Frist of all, Mongol has only one exchange of crypto-currency. Second of all, I wanted to proceed the business of exchange. In fact, in order to run exchange, close relationship with bank and government is required. Luckily, I had a tie with bank director and high rank government officers in Mongol. I talked about exchange to them, and they were interested that I was able to conclude MOU. In addition, Mongol had a favorable view on Japan. In fact, Mongol is in the perfect environment for mining of crypto-currency. Average temperature in summer is 19 degree, and electricity is about half price of China.

▲Chikashi Kondo Director (AIS), Edward R. Nakano Director (AIS), and Ryosuke Hagiwara Director (AIS) from the left

What made you come to Korea?

I was invited by Sammy Ahn from I have met him in Japan and made a tie with him.

In Japan, I had a private meeting. However, it is my first time for actual conference in Korea. In addition, I was interested how people Korea would react with our AIS project. So, I attended ‘global crypto-block chain VIP party’ held by Babeldog Inc and sponsored by and BBR. 

▲Edward R. Nakano Director (AIS).

What would AIS expect in Korea?

Korea is more active in crypto-currency than Japan. I hope Japan and Korea to become a leader in Asia, but China has so huge market. I wish the market in Korea and Japan to get bigger.

Korea does not have specific guideline including prohibition of ICO yet, but there are unlimited potential and hope in Korea. This is our first activity in Korea, but I am aware of how big events are held in Korea. This means that there is a potential of growth in Korea.

ICO of AIS project is important, but I wish investors use our AIR exchange even if they do not participate in ICO. AIS exchange is international. People in all over the world can use it. So, I recommend you all to use it.


I heard you are scheduled for business trip in Vietnam after Korea. What is your plan?

My schedule in Vietnam is to spend from September 18th to 22nd. I am scheduled to have a meeting with block chain developers in Vietnam and also for the development of project named ‘Domo Chain’ in Vietnam that has already been listed.



What is your future plan in Korea?

I have nothing determined yet, but I will attend ‘D conference’ held in Korea in December.



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