Cyber Forensic Professional Association Checks Hacking Defense of 20 Major Exchanges and Global Businesses

Secretary General Jeongnam Lee Says “We Will Provide Security Inspection and Hacking Defense Guideline for Businesses based on 4th Industry such as Blockchain, IOT, and AI”

No Digital Data Standard for Blockchain, Necessity of Blockchain Forensic Standard

Reporter Hongrae Kim 2018-12-27 10:19 English DN 52.00
▲Secretary General Jeongnam Lee of Cyber Forensic Professional Association

Cyber Forensic Professional Association (President : Doyoung Kim) will be making the blockchain forensic standard. Also, Cyber Forensic Professional Association plans to check the security and provide hacking defense guideline for businesses specialized in 4th industry such as IoT, AI, and blockchain.

On the interview in last December 18 (Tue), secretary general Jeongnam Lee of Cyber Forensic Professional Association said, “In the 1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest (, hereinafter referred to as ‘Blockchain Hacking Defense Contest’) held in Korea from February 11 to February 15, we will apply cyber forensic and check on the hacking defense of 20 major exchanges and global businesses around the world”.

Cyber Forensic Professional Association is a group of Korean expects for follow-up survey on cyber crimes of national infrastructure, public institute, and large companies.

‘Cyber Forensic’ refers to the series of tasks for collecting, analyzing the data and writing a report for submitting electronic evidence to judicial authority. Cyber forensic is a scientific investigation method which proves the probative power of digital evidence to support on winning a lawsuit. Forensic is the key in identifying the probative power of evidence in the legal arguments. Since the society is changing into the cyber society, the evidence of lawsuit is saved on the cyberspace and the forensic targets all cyberspace fields.

Secretary general Jeongnam Lee predicted that “Although cyber forensic is limitedly used in investigation agency for criminal cases, the value of cyber forensic will expand into civil suit fields in the future”.

Currently, some of the large law firms and accounting firms such as Kim & Jang, Bae, Lee & Ko, Shin & Kim, Kim & Lee LLC, Yulchon, and Barun hold own forensic team and other small and medium corporate bodies outsource forensic experts when necessary.

Secretary general Lee explained “Most of evidences for crimes in cell phone, Cloud, Internet and network are digitalized. However, it is hard to track or survey on digital data due to easy forgery of digital data, saving of mass-data and large-scale distribution, and internationality of data” and said “Cyber forensic researches on such digital data and make them into evidence for court. Cyber forensic was also used in special investigation on Dru-King”.

Secretary general Lee pointed out that blockchain digital data is newly created field and it lacks procedure or guideline for adopted as evidence of criminal investigation. According to Lee, blockchain digital data need to go through forensic procedure to be adopted as evidence and the blockchain forensic standard needs to be created.

Therefore, he explained that Blockchain Hacking Defense Contest scheduled to be held in Korea from February 11 to February 15 will be the important starting point for crime investigation with blockchain. He said that Cyber Forensic Professional Association will be having follow-up survey on businesses and exchanges with various forensic solutions and the association will be having check on security and providing hacking defense guideline for businesses specialized in 4th industry. Secretary general Lee pointed out that it is important to create international forensic procedure by cooperating with International Standard Organization (ISO).

In the interview, he said explained that forensic is a converging technology where technician is connected to hacker group and security, law is connected to law firm and attorney, and investigation is connected to detective. However, he said that only Dongguk University, Korea University, Seoul National University, Graduate school of Sangmyung University, and Seoul Hoseo Vocational Training School provide forensic course and the governmental support is still insufficient.

On the interview, he suggested that South Korea should have ‘Digital Evidence Law’ like the United States. With ‘Digital Evidence Law’, the law itself will be the guideline and will be applied in all lawsuits including civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits. He also emphasized that universities should provide forensic course and that forensic conducted by person holding internationally certified license should be accepted as evidence. According to him, only 266 people hold CCFP license issued by ISO and 72 Korean people have CCFP license while 111 Americans have CCFP license. He also pointed out that CCFP license holders’ competence are already globally recognized.

In Korea, Korean Institute of Forensic Sciences and Cyber Forensic Professional Association are composed of Korean forensic exports and the members reach up to 500.

‘1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest (’ involving Cyber Forensic Professional Association, Internation Blockchain Evaluation Forum (IBEF), BCS, World Distribution Federation (WDF), and international institutes of Japan, US, UK, Germany, France, China, and Russia will be held from February 11, 2019 to February 15, 2019 at Gwacheon Government Complex. Also, the hacking contest will be aired all over the world in real-time through broadcasting, SNS, and YouTube. Also, interpretation service for multiple languages will be available. The event location and sponsors may change based on the situation and the changed items will be announced through following reports.

Individual or group (Information security expert) of White Hackers who wish to participate or support the 1st International Blockchain Cyber Security Evaluation and Hacking Defense Contest ( can contact or Telegram: @snowcoffee.

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